ATTENTION: The 2014 BanJammer Gathering will be held the first weekend in October. This year was an absolute success. We’re leaving all the 2013 details here until we are ready to update the site.

ATTENTION AGAIN: 2013 Participants, we really want your feedback on how things went. Please email Mike and Connie at and answer the following three questions. 1) What should we keep doing. 2) What should we start doing. 3) What should we stop doing. 

Aaron O’Rourke and I love playing our Mike Clemmer banjammers. I not only enjoy playing them simply, but also love exploring the old-time mountain styles such as two-finger and claw-hammer. Aaron has his own style of claw-hammer, but also does a fantastic job at emulating the Irish tenor banjo as he rips through polkas, hornpipes, jigs, and reels in a way that’s welcomed by traditional sessions all around the country. Mike’s strum-pick style, whether done easy or fancy, is the perfect way to make your favorite folk tunes blend right into the mountains surrounding Townsend, TN.

So many folks have fallen in love with the sound of the banjammer. They often contact us in search of playing tips and advice. We thought we’d just do this thing right and have everyone join us for workshops, concerts, and jamming.

Whatever your level or interest, we hope you’ll join us for the first-ever banjammer festival! If you have questions, write us using the email addresses on the STAFF page or call Mike’s shop, Wood-N-Strings, at (865) 448-6647.

See You Soon,

Stephen Seifert